hey guys it’s Jani and I told myself that at this point in my life I would be a college youtuber but being a college youtuber requires me to make videos so here I am making a video and hopefully editing it and putting it online so I can be College youtuber so seeing that it’s back-to-school season and bunch of people are like watching all these college last school videos I can’t do a video like for incoming freshmen because I’m an incoming freshman but I can do a video that helps you incoming seniors who are about to write your college applications for the next few months and deal with all this stuff so in case you haven’t watch any of my other college youtube videos I am a rising freshman at Princeton in the fall so that means I’m class of 2023 today I’m gonna be reading my common MSA if you are looking for my specific Princeton essays I did a video a while back reading my princess supplement and like the shorter essays as well as like explaining my stats and stuff so I guess like I ever put that in the card or put it in the description box if you want to watch those as well but today I’m reading my comment up essay which is like my personal statement which I submitted to like all the schools that I applied to the prom that I chose was some students have a background identity interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it if this sounds like you and please share your story so I can explain with my whole like college application process and like the story of how this truly took me so long to get to like I had written so many essays over the summer and even then like none of those essays ended up being this final one and I didn’t have it until like late September I want to say so yeah but basically like a summary of my coming up essay is that I’m like 7 years old and I’m writing about going to the library with my mom and reading books so that’s why my team is about and so I’m gonna read it quick disclaimer I’m obviously not putting this on the internet so you can plagiarize it so don’t do that this is just for inspiration or if you want to see like my writing style and what the eventual process was like this took a month to write so this is by no means you know the first draft and you it won’t be like like your essay won’t be this good the first time you write it obviously oh just me saying my essay is good I’m sorry but if you want to see like the type of essay that the schools that I got into looked for when they looked at me I guess that makes sense I watched a lot of these videos when I was applying to college I don’t really know why because none of my essays were like the same as anyone elses that I watch the videos of it’s just interesting to see the type of people that schools accept at least the ones that put their lives on YouTube so my feet slam against the wide limestone steps as I skip up to reach the glass doors the tower over my miniature frame prying the entrance open I heave placing my entire body in front of the door as my mother logs an orange plastic bag of the stairs our weekly routine I sneak a glance inside meeting a myriad of gazes from the spines of books that line the boundless first floor my breath begins to recover the symphony of keyboard taps delicate tiptoes and the occasional shush echoes in my mind escaping from the dog barks and my brother’s Guitar Hero marathons I find comfort in the buildings buzzing silence my heartbeat settles as I peer further in he’s in branch lobby I’m suddenly interrupted by the creak of the door against my back mother squeezed in quickly making her way towards the right wing return drop-off shifting to the left I greet the steep spiral staircase into the basement the children’s room I make a beeline towards the brightly colored book slides my fingertips only grazing them for a second before the librarian places her hand on my shoulder how about these two gestures in the direction of the children’s bins next to her desk but I continue my mission boggling at the young adult books and avoiding the picture books riddled with zoo animals and various ways to teach the alphabet I longed to attend Wizarding school and solve perplexing mysteries to experience heartbreak and loose friendships to fly into a few decades and jump back a century as I peruse the shelves the books that I deem worthy sit in my hands in hopes of satisfying these desires playing with the task of containing the toppling pile my arms begin to ache and halt my progress I halt my choices to the kidney bean-shaped table and hoist myself up onto the chair next to it swinging my small legs back and forth I stare at the strips of color on every shelf just to meet my mother’s eyes as she walks in let’s check these out her voice rings as she cuts my pile in half shutting behind her I sneak in up to her nose towards the children’s band before exiting catching up I pull my golden Queens library card out of my pocket placing its barcode under the thin red scanner while confirming my choices leaving my mother to shovel the pile into a fresh orange plastic bag I swiped the top book for myself and jump onto an empty chair opening the book atop the table today’s journey transports maid to an opulent estate on this side of the road engulfed in flames as I watch alongside dozens of other onlookers the wooden bookshelves around me take their original forms lining the woods surrounding the scene my chair now sits inside a stalled car which houses myself and two other characters across from me my mother quietly does her work soon morphing into a shadowy figure fleeing from the blazing building I take cautious steps towards its path discovering a diary despite the present dangers my seven-year-old heart pounds at the thought of being seen or getting caught in the fire as a detective however I fearlessly swept the diary and scurry back to my vehicle flipping through its pages I unsuccessfully attempt to decipher Swedish what do these doodles mean is the owner caught in the fire who – – the diary clatters onto my car floor accompanied by God’s bellowing voice from the clouds the crackling fire ceases replaced by footsteps and the granny library loudspeaker five minutes to closing I glanced on my mother who was already standing up my eyes pleading for more time met with an apologetic glance I sing into her arms and close the novel yearning for my next transcendence from the bounds of blank blank like blank blank is like where I’m from so I censored it so you would like don’t know where I live but it’s like a neighborhood in New York so I didn’t want to have you stalked me yeah so that was my calming up essay I’m pretty sure I went through literally everything else in my other videos but if you have any questions about my essay or anything else you can watch my videos or comment down anything I’m free to help because I want to be called youtuber so that’s what I’m doing yeah so this style and this like narrative is what worked for me which might not necessarily work for you you know like take this video with a grain of salt if that makes sense like for me reading and like my love for books is just a very big part of my life and I think like me growing up in the library and me reading was just like very formative of like Who I am and all that and I guess my extracurriculars and my other stuff in my application didn’t really reflect like my love for books because that’s kind of you know like you don’t put in your common tab like I read so I wanted to write about that in my comment ups I felt like nothing else in the application could have spoken about that whereas like my other parts of my life like my theatre and like law and stuff I could have written in a different supplement or just like mentioned my extracurriculars where’s like this was something that was like less tangible so that’s why I made my personal essay about that so I hope you liked this video if you didn’t watch my prints and essay I mentioned how I also submitted an arts supplement to Princeton and I think to Harvard as I don’t remember if I submitted it to anywhere else but I sang like to musical theater songs and it had to write another essay about like the arts and theater so if you would like me to read that essay and also post that video just let me know or feel any other questions let me know and what other videos you would like to see we’re in college and college applications and if you would like to see me making videos about you know college move-in and all that stuff I move in in 90 days which is crazy and I’m still packed and I’m just rambling at this point so if that’s type of content you’d like to see let me know press the subscribe button oh yeah I’m really got interest but hope you like see you bye