The promenade with the lido and the garden of the «Grand Hotel» also invites you to take an evening stroll.

The promenade with the lido and the garden of the «Grand Hotel» also invites you to take an evening stroll.

In addition to Garmin, Falk or Magellan also offer GPS devices. Garmin hiking navigation systems also «swallow» the free vector maps from OpenStreetMap (OSM) if they are available in a compatible format.Smartphone as a GPS deviceWhoever opts for this solution saves a device in their luggage, says Bucher. But the mobile phone is more sensitive, which is why a protective cover can be worthwhile, and more power hungry. That is why he activates flight mode while hiking, then switches on GPS and only activates the display very briefly when he needs the map, for example at a crossroads: «Then it consumes hardly any energy.» Digital maps, nobody can do them from a standing start. » I have to practice using the GPS device or the map app, «says Bucher. But even advanced skiers should always have a printed map as an analogue backup in their hiking luggage – in case the technology fails.

Official topographic maps and the digital purchase maps based on them are mostly very good, but often quite expensive. An alternative are the now often good, free OSM maps, which are also available in special hiking variants, for example on or They can be used in Android apps such as Orux Maps or Locus Map.

If you are looking for a comparable iPhone solution, you can also take a look at OsmAnd. Tours There are many websites, platforms and hiking apps from tourism offices, publishers or associations for planning and sharing tours. These include,,, and Countless tours can be downloaded there, mostly as .gpx files, and then displayed on digital maps. However, their quality fluctuates, Todt knows. Official or certified tours can be used without hesitation. «Many of the privately uploaded tours are inaccurate, faulty or simply out of date.» A critical pre-planning on the PC with a view to the creation date and ratings is therefore worthwhile. Track or route hikers can enjoy the view from a vantage point near Immenstadt (Bavaria). (Photo: picture alliance / Karl-Josef Hi) If GPS device or map app after the Transfer of tours show something completely different than planned on the PC, this is usually due to the fact that you have only transferred one route and no track.

A route only has to consist of a start and a destination point, everything in between is calculated by the respective software itself in case of doubt, if you do not make any further specifications yourself, explains the «c’t» specialist magazine. If you want to be on the safe side, really have «your» tour on the map, you always have to transmit a track that can consist of thousands of points and therefore leaves no room for interpretation.customer writing service Camera and binoculars Whether the smartphone for the snapshot at the summit, the difficult one Half-format mirror reflex for nature shots or the action cam for the via ferrata: «It’s a matter of taste,» says Bucher. But no matter how you want to document your hikes: a plastic bag as rain protection for your equipment should be included. «Binoculars are good for anyone who wants to observe animals, but they are simply extra weight.» Powerbank «If you are on the road for several days, it makes sense to take a powerbank with you,» advises Thomas Bucher.

This applies in particular to the mountains: «Often there is no electricity in huts.» If you take such a battery pack with you, you can leave individual replacement batteries for many devices at home. There are also models with an LED flashlight. You should still have the mobile phone charger with you. Compass and altimeter DAV-Bucher usually thinks that they can be dispensed with, because smartphone and GPS device measure altitude via satellite anyway and also have a compass function. In any case, a compass only brings something to those who can interpret it. And the use of separate barometric altimeters has to be learned: «You have to constantly calibrate them, which many forget.» What is better to stay at home «You don’t actually need tablets, radios or MP3 players if you enjoy nature with all your senses wants «, says hiking expert Wolfgang Todt.

The same applies to fitness trackers: «Really important – except for self-affirmation – they are only for people with health restrictions.» And Thomas Bucher from the Alpine Association repeatedly experiences the nonsensical devices even ending up in hiking luggage for alpine crossings: «People come with 25-kilo backpacks, and there is a hair dryer in there.» That is why he advises people to save weight, especially on multi-day trips: «Anything over 15 kilos is torture if you are not a Sherpa.» Source:, Dirk Averesch, dpa «When Lake Zell is so calm, the line blurs between the mountains and the water. Whoever comes here can relax – or take on one challenge after another. The sun is reflected in the water, the last snow on the mountain peaks glistens and a warm breeze blows the hair from your face. It’s summer in Zell am See-Kaprun.

The region in Austria is better known as a winter sports area, but also has a lot to offer in the warm months for athletes, families and for those who love fresh mountain air and deep blue lakes – an «anti-stress therapy», like national park rangers Werner Schuh calls it: With the summer card from Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism, all lifts to the Schmittenhöhe, the Kitzsteinhorn and the reservoirs can be used free of charge. Cardholders also have free access to all indoor and lido swimming pools, the Sigmund-Thun-Gorge, various museums and attractions. Various providers also offer discounts.

The summer card is available to guests in member hotels. It is valid from 15.5. until October 15 and is not transferable. The region in the Salzburger Land extends from Lake Zell at 750 meters above sea level to the Kitzsteinhorn at 3200 meters. Those who want to go higher can climb the Großglockner at 3800 meters.

But also between Lake Zell and Kitzsteinhorn there are many opportunities for hiking, climbing, swimming and enjoying. There is hardly anything better than refreshing your exhausted body in Lake Zell after a long hike. Fed by the surrounding mountain rivers, it is a little colder than you are used to from Brandenburg, for example, but it impresses with its crystal-clear water. It is one of the purest lakes in Europe and has drinking water quality. The entire bank is almost undeveloped. If you want to go around the lake, you have to take your time: hikers should plan around three hours for the entire distance of 12 kilometers.

The promenade with the lido and the garden of the «Grand Hotel» also invites you to take an evening stroll. From 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays you can visit the «Zeller Seezauber» free of charge, a light show with music from Schlager to classical. Heinrich Stöcklinger is a professional in whitefish fishing. (Photo: Lisa Schwesig) In addition to swimming, water enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves move around with various sports equipment. On the north shore of the lake there is a rental station for boards for surfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddling. Those who prefer the quiet go fishing on the lake in the early hours of the morning – like hobby fisherman Heinrich Stöcklinger. «For me, summer in Zell is much better than winter,» he says. Almost everyone of the 10,000 residents in Zell am See knows the 72-year-old.

By seven o’clock at the latest, he will sit in his small metal boat on Lake Zell and observe the poses of his two fishing routes. «Heini» is considered a professional whitefish fishing and has already won many prizes. If a fish bites on one of the hooks, everyone in the boat has to drink an apricot schnapps. «I’m not going to leave here anymore. Life is good in Zell,» says the pensioner. Risotto and fish in the «Seewirt» (Photo: Lisa Schwesig) In the morning, however, Stöcklinger pulls in the anchor of his boat again.

Then it gets too hot in the sun. His freshly caught fish then ends up in the «Seewirt» restaurant on the south bank of Lake Zell. Chef Nikolaus Lang is a passionate fisherman himself and provides culinary delights in the kitchen of the 500-year-old inn with regional products.

On the menu that day is herb risotto with «Heinis» fresh whitefish. The Lang family has been running the «Seewirt» for 60 years and invites guests to prepare their self-caught fish under professional guidance. After refreshment in the «Seewirt», they go up to the Sigmund-Thun Gorge, a more than 30 meters deep and 320 meters long gorge Crevice. Visitors can use wooden stairs to get to the waterfall, which pours from Klammsee down into the valley. Once at the top, the view over the Klammsee is astonishing. With its turquoise-blue color, the water is reminiscent of Caribbean beaches.

Bathing is not allowed, but a circumnavigation is entertaining. In July and August, guests have the opportunity to explore the rocky fissures with a torchlight procession on Monday evening. Sturdy footwear is recommended on the wet and slippery wooden paths. The Klammsee at the Sigmund-Thun-Klamm is turquoise blue. (Photo: Lisa Schwesig) Those who decide to go on an art hike on the Schmittenhöhe also need hiking shoes.

Empress Sissi already climbed the almost 2000 meter high mountain – at that time in record time. In her honor there is a small chapel on the summit, where you can also get married. If you don’t want to walk the two hours up, you can take the gondola. Once at the top, hikers have to choose one of the many art hiking routes with a total of 30 different works of art.

Most of the paths are covered with gravel, but are also intended for beginners. The lift down to the valley can be used at several points if the strength is not available. Werner Schuh has been a ranger in the Hohe Tauern National Park for six years. You can cross four climatic and vegetation zones by gondola or on foot. The complete ascent to the 3029 meter high glacier summit is extremely difficult and must not be attempted without a trained hiking guide. Ranger Werner Schuh says: «We adapt the tour to the level of the hiker.» In theory, however, it is feasible for everyone.

With Schuh and his 15 ranger colleagues, tours over several days are also possible. Those traveling on a small budget can stay at the youth hostel in Zell am See. It has direct lake access and an attached surf school. If you want to spend a little more money, you should sleep in the hotel «Tiroler Hof».

The four-star hotel scores with half board and an extensive wellness area. Hikers can take care of themselves at the mountain spring fountain in front of the house, while those who have not tried it can climb the ascent from the intermediate stations at 1900 and 2400 meters. On the way, the runners can expect an unforgettable view, sheep, wildflowers and snow fields in the middle of summer.

Once at the top, the so-called Gipfelwelt 3000 welcomes you with a small cinema and restaurant. From the viewing platform, guests overlook the ski slopes on the glacier, which can also be skied in the summer months. Experienced mountaineers also have the opportunity to climb their first three-thousand-meter peak on the Kitzsteinhorn under the guidance of a ranger. Good equipment and crampons are required for this, and the via ferrata on the Mooserboden dam is ideal for climbers and the daring.

Lifts and buses take you to the reservoir at an altitude of 2000 meters, which is used to generate energy. The 70 meter wide concrete wall in front was prepared as a climbing zone in June. Those who go on the via ferrata secured with a rope will be rewarded with sightings of marmots and increased adrenaline levels. Then you hike down the herbal nature trail past mountain streams to the Fürthermoar Alm.

The impressive mountain panorama makes up for not having seen the perfect sunset. Because the sun disappears quickly behind the gigantic massif. While you drift comfortably across Lake Zell and help your tired muscles to regenerate in the cool water, you forget the sunset anyway. This article was created during a press trip.

 Source: «Standing in line – everyday life in Moscow. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Anyone who knows Moscow knows that traffic jams lasting for hours are part of it. Stupid when you’re in it – but extremely entertaining when you’re using an app, which was actually thought differently, can watch the queues swearing. You know that from the «A-Team» or MacGyver: Some things are only really cool when you use them for purposes other than those for which they are intended. with which you can pass the time in Russia when there is no World Cup game. Or, even better, when you sit in the bus or in a taxi to the stadium but can’t get ahead because of the traffic jam. Yandex has that for such situations Russian counterpart to Google, the app developed Yandex Maps.

It is actually a classic navigation system that also shows how free or congested the streets are. Above is a traffic light that shows on a scale from 0 to 10 how well you can get through as a driver. The individual streets are then colored green, yellow or red depending on the traffic volume – so far, so common. Katrin Scheib is a journalist, Schalke fan and comes from the Rhineland. When the German team became soccer world champions in Brazil in 2014, they had just moved to Moscow.

Since then she has been blogging about her everyday life at and providing information on football and preparations for the World Cup in Russia every week with her «Russball» newsletter. And now she’s writing the countdown for until the tournament begins on June 14th. But sometimes small speech bubbles appear on the menu.

Then one of the people who was stuck in a traffic jam made a comment. This function is intended for messages such as «Truck overturned, it will take another hour or two» or «Construction site, only one lane is free». The Muscovites, on the other hand, use them to vent their humor and anger. Because often the traffic jams have only one reason: a road has just been blocked because Putin or someone else is about to pass through here.

In such cases, bubble reading becomes entertainment, with comments like: «This is unconstitutional» – «Shit, are we in Hell?» – «Go faster, you whistles, otherwise my wife will give birth to the child in the car» – «You chose the tsar yourself, now you are waiting here». People’s voice, uncensored, every day – the traffic app becomes a social media platform with a high entertainment value. Again and again there is talk of «Vova» – whether he will come soon, where he should please give up.