The emergency services called out a major alarm

The emergency services called out a major alarm

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The Golden Globe Race is a 30,000 nautical mile circumnavigation of the world. The sailors want to repeat a legendary race from 1968: They use replicas of the boats of that time and apart from communication devices they have no modern technology on board. Tomy’s yacht «Thuriya» is a replica of the boat of the Briton Robin Knox-Johnston, who won the first race 50 years ago.

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More and more often, young vacationers fall to their deaths in Mallorca. The eighth fatality this summer is a tourist from Germany. Experts are trying to get to the bottom of the phenomenon.

The tragedy is slowly becoming routine in Mallorca. A young tourist from Germany died on Monday evening in a fall from the balcony of his hotel room in Playa de Palma. It is not an isolated case: since the beginning of the season alone, eight foreign visitors have died on the Spanish holiday island when they fell from windows or balconies. Many more victims got away with injuries. Behind this is almost always what is known as «balconing» – young holidaymakers test of courage at dizzying heights under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Authorities are at a loss.

The emergency call came in around 7 p.m. on Monday. A body hit the Ballermann with a loud bang on a concrete roof on the first floor of the Hotel Pabisa Bali. According to the police, paramedics and the emergency doctor could only determine the death of the 23-year-old. The German fell from the 12th floor. Investigations had been started into the circumstances of the death, said a police spokesman. Among other things, an autopsy should be performed.

Adrenaline rush: dangerous holiday trend on Mallorca

At the request of the German Press Agency, the authorities could not initially say where the victim came from Germany. The scene of the accident is only around 200 meters from the beach on Carrer Pare Bartomeu Salvà. Much better known in the vernacular as «Schinkenstrasse». It is the party epicenter of Playa de Palma. There you can find the «Bierkönig», the largest beer garden / discotheque on the island, with space for around 10,000 party-willing visitors.

Camera: Man can barely stand on his feet

It is not clear whether the youngest victim of the «balconing» was in the «Bierkönig» on Monday. The police evaluated a surveillance video of the hotel on Tuesday, reported the «Mallorca Zeitung». This shows how the young man «can barely stand on his feet», possibly due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, and climbs «over the railing of his room». Above the abyss, he first hold on to the railing with his arms before suddenly letting go and falling into the depths.

At first it was said that the German had done pull-ups on the railing of the hotel balcony and therefore fell down. According to media reports, the 23-year-old arrived in Mallorca with two friends shortly before the fall. When the accident happened, he is said to have been alone in his hotel room.

The young man’s death on Monday was not the only incident involving a German tourist in Mallorca. Around four in the afternoon, a German sustained a knee injury when he fell while climbing on a hotel facade in Playa de Palma, according to the «Diario de Mallorca».

French woman also falls from the balcony 

A young tourist from France was also seriously injured early Monday morning when she fell from her room on the third floor of a hotel in Palmanova, not far from the «British Ballermann» Magaluf, southwest of Palma.freedom argumentative essay The 20-year-old is in intensive care, the police said.

Most of the victims of «balconing» have so far been registered in the seaside resort of Magaluf this summer. It was mostly young British people. Brits like 19-year-old Natalie, who posted on Facebook before she fell to her death: «I’m experiencing the best days of my life here.» Or like Thomas (20) or Tom (18). Often it is the first vacation without parents, you want to be on the wall and the bars open very early. On websites you can find offers such as the «Magaluf Club Pass»: Seven nights of all-you-can-drink for 99 euros, in May and September even only 29 euros.

The experts speak in unison of a «sad record». «We have to wait until the season is over. But you can already say that there have never been as many as this year», the Mallorcan trauma surgeon Juan José Segura was quoted in the «Mallorca-Zeitung» last week.

Almost all of the victims drank alcohol 

The 32-year-old doesn’t just treat the victims. Together with six colleagues, he also tried to research the background to the increasing phenomenon. In a study published in 2016, the intended jumps from the hotel balcony into the pool as well as the falls when climbing over the railing are examined carefully. Between 2010 and 2015 there were 46 cases. 60 percent of the victims are British, 15 percent German. 96 percent had consumed alcohol, 30 percent also other drugs. Accordingly, none of the victims had mental problems or suicidal intentions.

The municipality of Calvià, to which Magaluf belongs, sounded the alarm in early July after several deaths and held a crisis meeting with hoteliers and politicians as well as with representatives of the British consulate. One result of the meeting: At the request of entrepreneurs, neighborhood associations and municipalities, the government of the Balearic Islands wants to step up action against «drinking tourism» and, for example, ban the free serving of alcoholic drinks in so-called all-inclusive hotels. Further measures are still being considered.

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A major fire has broken out in a fuel store in the Czech Republic. There were explosions. One person came to the hospital. 

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A huge fuel store caught fire in the Czech Republic on Monday. The CTK agency reported that there were explosions. According to the fire department, a person was taken to hospital with burns and broken bones. The emergency services called out a major alarm.

The accident occurred on the site of a warehouse owned by the state oil company Cepro near Loukov municipality in the east of the country. Initially, the operator and the fire department said that two out of four tanks were on fire. The operating company later specified that a filling plant for fuel was affected and that the fire could be contained.

Residents not yet evacuated

The plant serves to secure the country’s strategic oil reserve and was only put into operation seven years ago. The construction of the modern warehouse had cost the equivalent of around 55 million euros.

The almost 1,000 residents of the neighboring town were initially not evacuated. The population in the wide area was called upon to keep windows and doors closed. The Czech Railways stopped rail traffic on a passing route.

Sources used: dpa

The moor fire on the Bundeswehr area near Meppen threatens to spread further. The district declared the disaster. Police officers searched the command post. 

After the Bundeswehr exercise – Moor is still on fire

After military exercise

Moor is still on fire

These are pictures that are very reminiscent of the forest fires in summer. But this conflagration was not triggered by enormous heat, but by a Bundeswehr exercise. Video

Because of the moor fire near Meppen, the police and the public prosecutor’s office searched the Bundeswehr area affected. The officials are investigating unknown people because of the initial suspicion of negligent arson.

The aim of the searches was to secure data carriers and logs, among other things, said the public prosecutor. The documents should provide information on how exactly the target practice took place and whether there could have been any violations of fire protection regulations. The moor fire broke out during missile tests on the Bundeswehr site at the beginning of September. There are now 800 hectares of peat burning there. 

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) visited the Moorbrand region and cleared Bundeswehr breakdowns. A mistake was, for example, that the fire departments of the surrounding communities were not called quickly enough for help. «Then we could probably have prevented worse,» said the minister in Meppen on Saturday.

«The question to be asked is whether these tests should have taken place at this time of year with the very, very dry summer that we had. But I am also aware that the information was then bumpy, that we also have to improve significantly there, «said the minister.

Von der Leyen emphasized that the Bundeswehr wanted to work on the case and talk about the results with the people in Emsland.

Meanwhile, the fire threatens to spread to neighboring villages. The authorities have declared a disaster. On Friday, the Lower Saxony district of Emsland considered evacuating the communities of Groß Stavern and Klein Stavern with around 1,100 inhabitants. If the cloud of smoke increases, the 7,500 residents of the community of Sögel may have to be brought to safety, said a district spokeswoman.

Disaster alarms can be triggered in the event of devastating accidents or natural events. This means that some basic rights can be overridden: In an emergency, the authorities can cordon off and clear areas, oblige residents to help, use other people’s buildings or cars. The Bundeswehr can also be requested for use in Germany. In June 2013, for example, a disaster alarm was issued in the districts of Lüneburg and Lüchow-Dannenberg because of the flooding on the Elbe.

«With the weather conditions we are now facing, the fire could be fanned by the winds,» said the head of the crisis team in the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior, Hanko Thies. The moor fire broke out more than two weeks ago as a result of missile tests by the Bundeswehr.

Von der Leyen apologizes for Moorbrand

Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) regretted the incident: «On behalf of the Bundeswehr, I apologize to all people in the region who are now suffering from the effects of the fire,» she told the «Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung» (Saturday). On Saturday the Minister will travel to Meppen with Lower Saxony’s Deputy Prime Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU).

Triggered by the Bundeswehr: moor fire in Meppen can continue for weeks Smoke alarm in Lower Saxony: Bundeswehr is fighting against moor fire after rocket tests

There are now 800 hectares of peat burning there. Peat is dark brown to black soil with a fibrous texture that can also be used as fuel when dried. Squalls of up to 85 kilometers per hour could intensify the flying sparks to such an extent that areas outside of the Bundeswehr premises could catch fire.

According to forecasts by the German Weather Service (DWD), the dangerous wind should decrease at the weekend. Even rain showers could bring some relaxation, said DWD meteorologist Markus Eifried. But on Friday lunchtime there was only a light drizzle.

Firefighters posted nearby

However, the effects of the weather on the fire remain difficult to calculate for the roughly 1,000 emergency services from the Bundeswehr, fire brigades and technical relief organization (THW) to date. Therefore, the fire brigade in Emsland wants to prevent the fire from spreading with another 500 people. The firefighters would be posted nearby so that they could react immediately if the fire should spread to civilian areas, said a spokesman for the Lower Saxony interior ministry. The smoke column also worries the emergency services: at times it traveled 100 kilometers.

The Federal Association of Pulmonologists warned of health risks for residents from massive fine dust pollution. According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment, the fire had temporarily increased values, for example in southern Oldenburg. Further measurements on and near the test site were ordered on Friday.

Protecting the population first

Because the Bundeswehr, as the cause of the fire, has not made a request, this is only happening now, said District Administrator Reinhard Winter. According to estimates by the Naturschutzbund (Nabu), the moor fire has already led to the emission of 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide – as much as 50,000 Germans cause a year.

With the declaration of the disaster, the district does not want to cause any unrest, said District Administrator Winter. «Since the protection of the population is our top priority, we would like to make the Stavernians aware at an early stage that an evacuation is no longer unthinkable,» said Winter. Be well prepared. Should it become necessary to bring the residents to safety, they would be accommodated in a school or an event hall in the nearby Haselünne – until the danger was finally averted.

Not every force of nature is a disaster

Not every force of nature is automatically a disaster. Authorities only speak of this when the threat to many people, extensive material assets or natural livelihoods is so serious that the affected municipality is overwhelmed by itself. But that does not mean «that there are disaster-like conditions in Emsland,» said Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) on Friday. If a disaster is declared, national emergency services can be alerted and a crisis team can be set up.

Fighting a bog fire is particularly difficult because the fire can also rage beneath the surface. According to the assessment of the German Society for Moor and Peat Studies, the fact that such a stubborn fire could even come about at Meppen is due to the fact that it is a drained moor. In addition, the upper peat layers have dried out completely after the hot and dry summer.